The power of positive thinking over conventional medicine

The power of positive thinking over conventional medicine

Did you know that positive thinking heals? Perhaps you are skeptical about this. Wait a minute. It has been found that positive thinking has a healing effect and is no longer a myth. It is a fact that has been embraced by medical doctors and health care professionals while administering drugs and medications to the patients.

As a matter of fact, positive thinking is by far effective as compared to any other form of medication. According to research studies, it has been discovered that optimism and positive thoughts are essential for living healthy lives. In addition, studies reveal the interconnection between positive thinking and the healing of some diseases such as cancer among others. In this case, more positive or optimistic individuals have a greater tendency to recover from various illnesses and diseases.

On the other hand, pessimistic thoughts are obstacles to self-healing. In this case, if a person develops negative thinking towards a certain condition or illness, the situation will automatically get worse and worse. It is, therefore, important to maintain a positive attitude and thoughts to enhance health and to live longer.

The power of positive thinking over conventional medicine


The mind and the immune system works with each other

Remember, it is the mind where every process and stimulation begins. It is at this point that, the body’s immune system responds appropriately to different illnesses and conditions. Therefore, with positive thinking, the immune system functions effectively and efficiently.

Surgery and positive thinking

Nowadays, doctors have embraced this incredible fact and are practiced when it comes to dealing with cases that require surgery. In this case, they encourage the patients to develop positive thinking and be optimistic that they will go through the process successfully.

In summary, having learned the link that exists between your thoughts and your health. It is always the best practice to embrace this idea. Indeed, your thinking is your health.

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Dehumidifiers

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Dehumidifiers

If you live in a humid climate or environment, you will do well to invest in a dehumidifier. Not only do they make a living or work space more comfortable for people to be in – a comfortable humidity level for most of us is around 30% – but there are health and environmental benefits too.

For one thing, they help to inhibit the production of mold and mildew which thrive on moisture. Mold spores can affect people with breathing difficulties and may produce an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. These can be an itchy, runny nose and sneezing also known as “allergic rhinitis.” or possibly induce an asthma attack on those affected with allergic asthma.

Mold feeds on materials which are commonplace around the house such as wood, textiles, and wallpaper. They also feed on dead skin cells.

It is particularly important to have a dehumidifier in a damp area with poor ventilation, as is often the case with a basement, as the moisture cannot evaporate so easily. Modern buildings are much more airtight than older ones. This is because synthetic rather than natural building materials are used and the buildings “breathe” less and so cannot expel their moisture through ventilation.

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Dehumidifiers


The water which accumulates in a dehumidifier called the condensate, while not suitable for drinking can be used to water non-food plants or to rinse off the car windshield.

There are a variety of pests that thrive in damp conditions, for example, fleas, clothes moths, cockroaches and dust mites. Cockroaches can themselves be hazardous to human health as they carry a protein called tropomyosin which can trigger an allergic reaction in asthmatics. They also eat human and animal food and give off an unpleasant smell. Using a dehumidifier will deter them.

Buildings are liable to decay if they get too damp. The mold eats away at the fabric of the building causing it to weaken, and as it does it produces toxins (mycotoxins) which are harmful to health.

Additionally, a building with too high a humidity level can feel oppressive, and it can be an effort just to go about your regular business, and a room with mold has an unpleasant musty smell.

Having a dehumidifier in an overly damp place creates a more healthy environment and makes the place feel and smell fresher. They are good for people and good for buildings.

Natural Health Remedy Improves Health Safely

Natural Health Remedy Improves Health Safely

When it comes to health problems, more and more people are growing interested in trying a natural health remedy instead of a drug-based treatment. Fear of suffering potential health risks and side-effects of drug medications and other intensive forms of treatment made people demand safer, more accessible and more affordable solutions to achieving better health. As people learn to do their research for treatment options, they introduce themselves to the many options of natural remedies which are quite effective. Also they deliver significant health benefits and improve the overall quality of life.

Natural health remedies use drug-free methods, which assure minimal or near zero risks of side-effects and any adverse effects. Modern science and Western medicine began recognizing the benefits of a natural health remedy as a complement to orthodox medical treatments. But as more issues on the efficacy and safety of conventional medical treatment methods and concepts are revealed, people see natural remedies as a welcome alternative to standard treatment. As more and more people try out the healing benefits of natural treatment approaches, more proof and evidence of the effectiveness and healing benefits of natural remedies are established.

Natural Health Remedy Improves Health Safely


Apparently, not all conventional treatment options live up to their promise. In addition to the possibility of causing side-effects, they are also expensive. Unlike conventional treatment, the simple and holistic healing approaches of a natural health remedy stay away from drug-based treatments as well as treatments that promote dependence on professional medical care. Instead, it promotes self-care as the primary solution to restoring balance to health. Instead of focusing on drug medications, it involves a regimen of medicinal herbs, healthy and balanced dieting, and nutrient supplements, healthy lifestyle habits, along with the guidance of self-help books and books as well as journals. It may also involve some alternative treatments such as acupuncture, meditation and other forms of drug-free holistic therapies. This way, it heals the body by promoting healthy cellular, organ and organ system functions, which greatly influence health. This way, natural remedies also strengthen the body’s defense against most disease-causing elements.

Herbalism, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, naturopathy, hygienic practices and healthy lifestyle habits are the main options for a natural health remedy. These restrictive yet healthful practices are proven effective in helping the body regain control over diseases. These natural healing practices help promote personal discipline, which helps wean patients from constantly depending on drug medications as well as professional caregivers.

Differences Between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Differences Between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Chinese prescription is a standout amongst the most advanced restorative frameworks on the planet. It has been improved through a huge number of years of experience and research. It’s one of a kind contrast from Western pharmaceutical is that it concentrates on “well-being” instead of on “mending” since Chinese drug advances the general health of a person, rather than the methodology of Western prescription in treating the indications of a disease. In actuality, in antiquated China, a doctor would not be compensated for treating his patient who had fallen sick, since it was his first obligation to keep his patient from an ailment. Basically, Chinese solution is “mend all”, while the Western prescription is “cure-all.”

Another significant distinction between Chinese solution and the Western drug is that Chinese medication concentrates on plants as cures. Plants are fundamental to life. Truth be told, almost all the nourishment you eat originates from plants or creatures who eat plants. As needs be, to the Chinese, plants upgrade wellbeing. In Chinese drug, the quantity of plants utilized as medications is more noteworthy than the quantity of plants for sustenance. In Chinese solution, there is very little qualification between a nourishment and a prescription. Indeed, even a large number of years before Christ, the Chinese trusted that each and every plant on earth has its particular capacity in the prosperity of a person. Hence, Chinese doctors have dependably been vigilant for a cure in any natural plant.

Differences Between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine


Not until late decades and the opening of China toward the Western world, little of conventional Chinese prescription was known not a Western restorative group. At first, Western specialists and researchers were distrustful of the strength of Chinese solution, which depends on homegrown cures and cures. This is not amazing in light of the fact that, at the start of the twentieth century, Western therapeutic science had released even customary Western plant cures as fables solution – mixtures just for grandmas however not for professionally prepared specialists. With the development of the pharmaceutical business, Western researchers started to concentrate solely on compound medications to treat diverse ailments with various side effects. A valid example is the human tumor. In the mid-twentieth century, malignancy was moderately obscure, however, the quantity of tumor cases soon started to detonate exponentially. With the development of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry and the need to accept the strength of these substance drugs, more research studies must be directed. Given that Western solution goes for treating the side effects instead of annihilating the reasons for an illness, and that concoction sedates frequently produce numerous antagonistic reactions, all the more new compound medications must be created to treat those new manifestations.

Until decently as of late, after numerous years of worry at the pervasive antagonistic symptoms of pharmaceutical medications is there an enthusiasm for Chinese home grew cures and restorative nourishments. Such plants incorporate aloes, garlic, feverfew, and licorice, among others.

Another real contrast between Chinese pharmaceutical and Western solution is that Chinese medication frequently joins Western drug into the restorative framework. For instance, in Beijing doctor’s facilities, a specialist may complete surgery in the Western way with best in class gear, while the anesthetist may utilize needle therapy and homegrown arrangements for preoperative and postoperative medicines. The Chinese are utilizing the best from more than four thousand years of experience to supplement Western solution. Comes about have demonstrated that conventional Chinese prescription works despite the fact that it may not generally fit in with the present Western exploratory hypotheses.

As per the Okinawa Centenarian Study, Okinawa, Japan, and Hong Kong are the main three ranges of the world in future. They all share a vital regular normal for fusing both Eastern and Western ways to deal with mending in their social insurance frameworks. The utilization of characteristic or natural tonics in these populaces far surpasses that of North America.

Outdo both Chinese and Western medication so they supplement each other to give you the best wellbeing to empower you to end up more youthful and more advantageous for more. Continuously keep an open and curious personality for better wellbeing.